Saturday, July 21, 2012

Walking and Arthritis

Dear CT Foot Care Centers,
I would like to walk more but I have painful arthritis in my feet. How can I make it easier or should I find another form of exercise instead? Cindy

Walking is a great form of exercise and calorie-burner and keeps stiff joints active. Switching to another form of exercise depends on what type of arthritis you have and how severe it is. Also remember that with arthritis you can have flare-ups, so some days may be good for exercise and others may not be. Your rheumatologist will be the best resource for your specific needs.
Those with arthritis in their feet and ankles find walking with a pole helps offload some of the pressure placed on the joints. The pole absorbs some of the landing impact, instead of your feet. This type of walking is more commonly known as Nordic walking. Proponents of this style of walking say that it is a better option than walking with a cane or walker because it keeps your body upright and symmetrical. The pole is great for helping propel your body forward. If your legs are hurting after walking downhill, walking with a pole bears some of the weight that is pushed into your knees. When walking uphill the pole assists your climb.
Poles can be purchased at most sporting goods stores and are sized according to your height. When holding the pole, you want the hand grip to be at level with your elbow.
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