Saturday, July 28, 2012

Picking Out Shoes and Socks

There are so many options these days when it comes to purchasing shoes in styles, colors, brands, and fits. Most often when you go to pick out shoes there are no shoe attendants to help you size your foot or to help you find the correct size. Here are some tips we recommend to our patients when they are looking to purchase new shoes and socks:
  • Buy shoes in the evening when your feet are most likely to be swollen. This will give you the best fit throughout the day. 
  • If you have diabetes, tell the store clerk. If the store clerk doesn't know what this means, find a store that does.
  • Look for shoes with roomy toe boxes. Shoes with roomy toe boxes will help prevent bunions, hammertoes, neuromas, and blisters.
  • Try on shoes wearing the socks you would normally wear. That is, if you're looking for boots, bring winter socks along with you.
  • Good shoes that will last are made of materials that are flexible and breathable. Athletic shoes should be made of comfortable materials.
  • Leather is always the best option when looking at shoe materials. 
  • If you wear insoles in your shoes, bring them along with you. 
  • Avoid shoes with plastic tops or uppers or sandals that have straps between the toes. Plastic shoes should be avoided in general. They cause your feet to sweat and slide within the shoe, causing blisters. 
  • Wear sandals on a limited basis. They provide little protection and support for your feet. 
  • Don't purchase shoes with thin soles as they can be easily punctured and don't protect your feet from cold weather or hot pavement. 
  • Try not to go barefoot, even at home. Wear slippers instead. 
  • Socks should be cushioned. 
  • Socks without seams are the best because the seams irritate toes or bony prominences on your feet. If you only have or can find socks with seams, position the seam before putting on your shoes. 
  • Stockings or nylons should fit loosely around your toes to leave room for movement when walking. Pull them on, and then pull at the toes to create wiggle room. 
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