Monday, July 9, 2012

Keep Kid's Feet Healthy During Summer Months

It's a time of year children think about with growing anticipation: summer. As the weather gets warmer and the school year winds down, children can't wait to leave their books behind and have some summer fun. Because of the different activities they participate in, it's important to think about keeping their feet happy and healthy during the summertime.
With childhood obesity increasing at an alarming rate, it's key to keep your child moving during the summer months. But if your child's feet hurt, it's going to slow them down.
"Just as untreated foot problems can hinder an adult's life, they can have serious long-term repercussions for children," says Dr. Michael King, former president of the American Podiatric Medical Association. "No matter the cause or severity of the problem, the health of a child's feet should not be taken for granted."
An APMA survey revealed that 35% of parents with children said they would not be motivated to take their child to a doctor for foot or leg pain. 25% said they would take their child to a podiatrist.
The most important piece of advice you need this summer to keep your children's feet safe is: Right shoe, right size. Children's feet grow very quickly; shoe and sock sizes may change every few months. Shoes that don't fit properly irritate a child's foot just as much as yours do when they don't fit. Have them measured before you purchase any new shoes, especially if it's been several months since any shoes have been bought. Watch for signs that shoes are bothering their feet by looking for blisters, red spots, and general complaints of foot pain.
Don't leave your child at home when you go shoe shopping. Every shoe brand is different and will fit differently. Remember to buy for the larger foot, as even small feet are never the same size. Shoes should never need a break-in period and your child should be able to wear them right away.
Footwear should never be handed down. You would never pass on eyeglasses to a relative, would you? Just like they might have a different prescription need, your child will have a different footwear need as well. A shoe should have adequate support for how active they will be this summer.
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