Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pedicures: Not Just For Women

Getting a pedicure has always been seen as something women like to indulge in, but men? The connotation is that men who get pedicures are feminine, metrosexual, or gay. Think twice! "Manly-men" are now joining women in the pedicure chairs, relaxing, and getting their digits in shape.
Tim Tebow, the new back-up quarterback for the New York Jets made the news in April when paparazzi snapped pictures of him getting a manicure and pedicure in a West Hollywood, CA salon. Experts say that Tebow is leading the way in a trend that is growing, especially with the summer months approaching. Pedicures can make your feet more attractive, and cut down on calluses, corns, and ingrown toenails, if done at a salon that practices good procedures and cleanliness.
Historically, Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth were known to get their fingernails and toenails clipped at salons. Soccer superstar David Beckham is known for having well-groomed nails as well.
Podiatrist Howard Osterman for the Washington Wizards basketball team said that his players see pedicures as "part of their training program" and are not embarrassed by it.
It's not just here in the United States that the trend of men getting pedicures is rising. The Times of London reports that spas in the UK have seen a 30 percent increase. Margaret Dabbs, who owns a London based podiatry clinic, says those who come in for medical pedicures are businessmen, soccer players, and A-list celebrities.
If you're a man reading this article, are you wondering if your toenails need some TLC? Don't worry- you don't have to use nail polish! Many salons have "sports pedicures" and "executive pedicures" that cater to men who want a pedicure but without the frills women love. The Wall Street Journal reports that Miami Heat player Dwayne Wade loves to get sports pedicures, which involve soaking in Epsom salts, dead skin exfoliation, a foot and lower-leg massage, and toenail clipping.
Even though the chances are slim you will get a problem from a pedicure, there are some safety risks you take when cleaning up your digits. Here are some safety tips:
  • Take a look around- is the salon clean? Ask about their disinfecting procedures.
  • Tell the pedicurist to leave your cuticles alone- don't let them push them back or cut them. Also tell them not to use a razor blade when removing dead skin.
  • If you see anything unusual about your feet after the pedicure, like itchy skin or red blotches, call a podiatrist immediately.
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