Sunday, April 21, 2013

Oilers' Hemsky Done For Season

With the playoffs not a possibility for the Edmonton Oilers, Ales Hemsky has been moved out of the lineup.
He decided to miss the last eight games to see if there would be any improvement on his foot injury, a condition he has been trying to play through for the last month. Hemsky has nine goals and 20 points in 38 games.
Hemsky was hit by a puck last month during the game against the Detroit Red Wings, and was toughing it out through games and practices. He missed some practices, two games, and was taking pain medication and getting shots so he could play.
"I had it for a little while. I blocked a shot in Detroit on the big road trip. It's been a struggle since then," said the 29 year old winger.
"I decided to play with the injury and I don't want to make any excuses but it's been a struggle. I was in a lot of pain," Hemsky told the media last week. "I will take a week without playing and try to regroup and get ready for next week hopefully."
Hemsky hasn't been seen on the ice since, so it's highly unlikely he'll return to play.
Coach Ralph Krueger said, "Due to the fact that it's actually gotten worse on him, it's time for a break. He was showing a lot of courage. He was there for the team and wanted to play- kudos to him for trying to play through it. He's reached a point where we needed to take a step back."
Hemsky was asked by the team to not divulge exactly what the injury is and has had several MRIs. It's suspected he has a broken bone in his foot. He will probably be healthy for off-season work.
Reference: NHL
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