Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DWTS Maksim Chmerkoskiy Needs Ankle Surgery

If Maksim Chmerkoskiy ever wants to dance with the stars again, he's going to need surgery on his ankle.
Chmerkoskiy sat out the most recent season to pursue other entertainment gigs, which included a stint on the soap opera General Hospital.
Producers of DWTS desperately want Chmerkoskiy to return next season, but sources close to the show's bad boy dancer say that isn't possible until he has surgery on one of his ankles.
The wear and tear of working with untrained dancers each season has taken its toll on Chmerkoskiy. The injury can't be blamed on a specific incident in the ballroom. DWTS would consider even having Chmerkoskiy back as just a choreographer, and not as a dancer.
Reference: TMZ
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