Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Knicks' Anthony Sidelined With Ankle Injury

New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony missed Monday night's showdown game against the Houston Rockets and Jeremy Lin because of lingering pain in his left ankle.
A source close to Anthony said he really wanted to play in Monday night's game, since the Rockets beat the Knicks by 28 points in late November. Lin had a memorable run with the Knicks in February and is now on his way to basketball super stardom. Raymond Felton supported the source, saying there was "no question" Anthony wanted to play Monday, but it wasn't just because the Rockets were in town.
"I know he wants to be out there, he's just like me. He never wants to sit out a game," Felton said.
Anthony injured his ankle Thursday in the third quarter of the Knicks' 116-107 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers. He scored 30 points before being fouled by Dwight Howard. Anthony hit the floor hard, landing awkwardly on his left ankle, with his lower left leg folded underneath his back.
"He went down kind of hard," said coach Mike Woodson. "You never know until you get to him. He tried to run it off, but he couldn't do it."
After the game Anthony said, "It was a hard foul. I couldn't catch my fall. It was an awkward fall. Right now, I'm sore."
"I was definitely concerned, but it's good to see him walk out on his own," said Felton after seeing Anthony walk out of the locker room Thursday without crutches. "He is a little sore, and he was limping, but it's not that bad."
Anthony was treated Friday at the team's training facility in Greensburgh, NY. This is the second injury for the Knicks' star player this year. Earlier in the month he missed two games because of a deep cut on his left middle finger, sustained after diving for a loose ball in a road victory over the Charlotte Bobcats. Anthony has yet to have an X-ray or MRI to determine the extent of his current injury.
Anthony has never had an injury that required surgery, but has missed games throughout his career. In the 2008-09 season he missed three weeks with a broken bone in his right hand. Last season he sat out eight games with Linsanity, a groin injury.
The team is 2-1 without Anthony, but the team is confident they can win games without him. After Thursday's game, Jason Kidd told reporters, "The team is deep enough to win games. We've already proven that."
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