Sunday, August 12, 2012

High Heels Sign of Economy

Women's fashion trends have always been seen as signs of the economic climate, from hemlines to lipstick. According to Jezebel, the latest sartorial index for predicting the future of the economy is now the height of high heels.
Sounds crazy, but researchers at IBM analyzed data from social media sites and blog posts and found that flat shoes and kitten heels are in, a sign that economic recovery is occurring.
"Usually, in an economic downturn, heel go up- and stay up- as consumers turn to a more flamboyant fashion
as a means of fantasy and escape," Trevor Davis, a consumer product expert with IBM's Global Services unit said.
At the height of the economic slump in 2009, the median height of women's heels peaked at an outrageous 7 inches! By last year, 2011, the median height had dropped to a reasonable 2 inches.
There may be other reasons why women are dropping their heel height besides the economy. Women may be ditching their high heels for more comfortable walking shoes, or low-heels may actually indicate longer-term economic woes. Some have even speculated that the reason for dropping heel height is because of the aging female population.
"This time, something different is happening- perhaps a mood of long-term austerity is evolving among consumers, sparking a desire to reduce ostentation in everyday settings," Davis said.
Back last year ABC News looked at the hemline theory coined by George Taylor, a professor at Wharton Business School. Taylor discovered that hemlines shrunk in the Roaring Twenties but fell again during the Great Depression. The reason for this was women wanted to show off expensive silk stocking during good economic times, but longer hemlines were appropriate to cover bare legs during the depression.
Others insist that lipstick is still the best indicator of the economy. Leonard Lauer, chairman of Estee Lauder, introduced the idea after seeing lipstick sales rise after the 9/11 attacks. Why? Women turn to less expensive indulgences when they aren't feeling confident about their financial future.
No matter if the economy is going up or down, women will still wear their favorite high heels. Just not in the expensive brands they used to buy.
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