Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Teens: How To Pick Out Shoes

Right Shoe, Right Activity
Soccer shoes are different from Converse sneakers for a reason. Sports-specific shoes help prevent against injury by providing appropriate support. Basketball shoes, for example, provide extra ankle support, because of the side-to-side movements that are typical of the strain basketball puts on the ankle.
Get Fitted
If you need an athletic shoe, go to a shoe store that specializes in athletic footwear. The associates there are trained to help you find a shoe that's appropriate for your foot, the way you walk, and your sport. Look for a shoe that fits your foot, but don't be upset if it's not your normal size. Just like clothes, shoe size ranges from brand to brand. When you try on the shoes, they should be comfortable right away. Did you know that your feet are not the same size as the other? Pick a shoe that fits the larger foot. You should never have to break in a pair of athletic shoes.
Check For Support
The perfect shoe fits your foot in the front, the middle, and the back. Backless shoes alter the way you walk, and that causes foot pain and discomfort later on. You don't have to give up your flip-flops for good, but you can't wear them all the time. When shopping for shoes, look for ones that are stiff in the middle but bend at the ball of the foot. High heels are ok for special occasions like prom, graduation, and dates. Platforms or wedge heels are a better option.
Don't Let Your Soles Flap
When your soles start to flap, it's time to get new shoes. Check the tread and midsole, the cushiony part just before the sole. If there are uneven signs of wear, start shopping! Athletic shoes need to be replaced yearly; running shoes every 300-400 miles.
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