Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back To School Shoe Shopping

Fall is almost here and the kids are heading back to school- in some parts of the country children have already started! And of course, everyone wants new shoes. While the latest styles may be what your children are screaming for, you may want to remember some important tips before letting fashion take a front seat to practicality and safety.
Kids come in all shapes and sizes and so too do their shoes. Shop at stores with experienced sales people that feature a wide selection of footwear styles, sizes, and widths. Do not assume a given size will fit the same  for different brands of shoes. Avoid man-made materials (like rubber and plastics) because they limit breathability. Hand-me down clothes are great- but not shoes. Once you've purchased those new shoes, remember to check them every several months, since kid's feet grow rapidly.
While flip-flops are all the rage for the beach and pool, they can create problems in crowded school hallways and getting on and off the school bus. While it may not be easy to coax your children out of flip-flops for school, it's safer for them to wear a shoe with more support. Your podiatrist can recommend some great options for teenagers that may fit the bill in the fashion area while still providing support and comfort throughout the day.
If your children participate in sports in the fall, send them onto the field or the court with properly fitted shoes that are designed for that specific sport. Basketball shoes, for example, are designed for quick stops and starts, and ankle support, while football cleats need to serve an entirely different purpose. Let the shoe fit the sport and try to get help when choosing shoes for each sport.
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