Saturday, June 9, 2012

Celebrity Feet: Part 2

Celebrity: Cameron Diaz. Spring/Summer Shoe Style: Flip-flops.
Negative Impact on Your Foot: 
  • Irritation between toes where strap fits. 
  • Callus and dead skin build-up around heels.
  • Twisting of foot.
  • Material rubs skin between toes.
  • The edge of a backless shoe rubs against heel, creating friction that eventually leads to a callus.
  • Lacks support and shock absorption.
  • Choose flip-flops made of natural materials such as soft, supple leather.
  • Ensure shoe fits properly and foot doesn't hang off the edge. 
Celebrity: Kelly Osbourne. Spring/Summer Shoe Style: Fashion Sneaker.
Negative Impact on Your Foot:
  • Fashion sneakers typically do not have adequate arch support and tend to be too flexible.
  • They are also worn without socks also increases the likelihood of contracting Athlete's Foot, which in turn will create foot odor
  • Wear shoes with laces and be sure to always wear a moisture wicking sock to keep feet dry. 
  • The amount of time these shoes should be worn should be limited and should not be used for exercise. 
  • Select stable casual shoes by looking for soles that do not twist.
  • Insert an arch support for more stability.
Celebrity: Lucy Liu. Spring/Summer Shoe Style: Pointy toes, narrow round toes.
Negative Impact on Your Foot:

  • Narrow cut of shoes squeezes toes and causes them to overlap one another, which pushes nail edges into the skin forming an ingrown toenail. 
  • This pressure can also result in a bony prominence on a toe which is often diagnosed as a hammertoe. 
  • Take steps to prevent ingrown toenails by ensuring a proper fit when purchasing shoes. 
  • If a nail becomes ingrown, trim it straight across and gently file the affected edge with an emery board.
  • See a podiatrist if any pain persists.
  • Look for a shoe style with a deep toe box to avoid hammertoes.
Next time: Elle MacPherson, Kate Hudson, and Debra Messing.
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