Friday, June 15, 2012

Don't Like Your Toes? Get a Toe Job!

It sounds ridiculous, but people are actually going out and getting toe jobs. We've all heard of nose jobs and facelifts, but toe jobs???
It's true women love their stilettos and the pain they cause can be debilitating. Bunions, ingrown toenails, and severely disfigured feet are the risks women take when wearing these shoes and they've had enough. But instead of doing the more logical thing of swapping out the pain-inducing shoes for pain-free shoes, they're changing their feet. Literally.
Beverly Hills Aesthetic Foot Surgery in Studio Hills, CA offers procedures like "Cinderella Procedure", a preventative bunion correction that makes feet narrower. Also on the "menu" is the "Perfect 10! Toe Shortening" that trims toes that hang over the end of sandals or are being crushed by too tight shoes. There's also the "Foot-Tuck Fat Pad Augmentation,"  where fat from the patient's abdomen is injected into the balls of her feet for extra cushioning.
Blame it on Sex in the City- cosmetic foot surgery started around the same time the show began in 1998. 
Podiatrists across the country (including our doctors) believe that any procedure that changes the foot for cosmetic reasons alone should not be a standard of care in any office. Their function is to corrective deformities, not help women fit in shoes they cannot fit in. Many podiatrists already turn away patients who want surgery just for appearance's sake. Some patients are even asking for extreme measures like amputating toes. The risk-versus-benefit calculus has created a rift between podiatrists who say that surgery should be done only to alleviate pain and discomfort and those who say that making women comfortable in their shoes prevents pain and deformity from happened. It's the old who came first question, except now it's with our feet.
And it's not just women who are getting this procedures done, it's men as well. Offices across the country, not just in New York City and Los Angeles, are being asked if they perform cosmetic surgery.
These procedures are not inexpensive either. Toe shortening can cost from $500 to $1500 per toe, slimming swollen pinky toes costs $1800. Fat from the pinky toes is then injected into the padding of the foot for $500. None of these procedures are covered by insurance.
What do you think? Would you ever get a cosmetic foot procedure done?
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