Thursday, April 5, 2012

What's That Itching Between My Toes?

If you've noticed you've been itching between your toes a lot more lately and that area is red or scaly, you most likely have Athlete's Foot.
Athlete's Foot, also known as tinea pedis, is a skin disease caused by a fungus that occurs naturally between the toes. The fungus attacks the feet because shoes create a warm, dark, and humid environment that encourages fungus growth. Warm, damp areas around swimming pools, showers, and locker rooms are also breeding grounds for fungi. So with spring sports and summer weather coming up, the cases of Athlete's Foot will rise.
Symptoms of Athlete's Foot including drying skin, itching, scaling, inflammation, and blisters on and between the toes. Athlete's Foot can spread to the soles of the feet and to the toenails as well as other parts of the body, which is why timely treatment is so important.
You can prevent Athlete's Foot by:
  • Not walking barefoot, particularly in public pools and locker rooms. 
  • Reducing foot perspiration by using talcum powder.
  • Wearing light and airy shoes.
  • Wearing socks that keep your feet dry, and changing them frequently if you perspire heavily. 
While fungicidal and fungistatic chemicals are usually used to treat Athlete's Foot problems, they often fail to contact the fungi in the lower layers of the skin. For persistent Athlete's Foot, a prescription topical or oral antifungal drug may be needed.
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