Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Laker's Steven Blake Out With Puncture Wound

The Lakers announced last Monday that Steven Blake will be restricted from impact exercises for three weeks after suffering from a puncture wound on his left foot. He sustained this injury after stepping on a spike strip in a parking lot.
We've demonstrated on this blog many times before that injuries for athletes don't have to occur on the court, field, track, etc. They can happen at any time, any where. Treating an injury for an athlete is a little different however, as their recovery times often need to be quicker than the average person.
This is Blake's third season with the Lakers and fans aren't convinced of his ability to actually spend time on the court and avoid strange mishaps. He was promised to be a consistent third point shooter. In his first season with the Lakers Blake had a bout of the chicken pox, and last year he missed 13 games because of a rib injury.
Reporters across the country are speculating as to how Blake got this bizarre injury. It was probably after a night on the town, and you know, sometimes you end up walking around barefoot. That's all we'll say.
Here are 5 reasons why this injury is a bummer for the Lakers:
1. He had a promising playoff finish, and loses his opportunity to build off that. Coach Mike Brown and General Manager Mitch Kupchak expressed their desire at the end of the playoffs for Blake to be more aggressive. Blake showed signs of improvement in the offseason, in that area, along with his shooting stroke, dribbling, and conditioning.
2. Lakers lose a dependable player. Even though Blake has not fulfilled his promise of three-pointers yet, he has been great in running offense, keeping it organized, and finding open teammates.
3. Steve Nash may have to play more minutes. Blake's absence lowers the team's hope they could diminish Nash's playing time- Nash, at 38 years, is still running the show, but he is getting older.
4. Who will be the backup point guard? There are two options in Chris Duhon and Darius Morris. It will likely come down to who makes the fewest mistakes
5. How will rehab affect Blake's game? A lot of athletes when they return from an injury are often cautious. It took Blake four games last season to get his shooting back to 50% after his rib injury. Even after that, Blake went on a six game stretch where he only made three field goals.
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