Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One Directions' Zayn Malik Foot Injury Explained By Bieber

Zayn Malik spent a wild night out with Justin Bieber a couple of weeks ago and ended up needed crutches. The One Direction singer was hanging out at Justin's house after the MTV VMA show and both posted pictures to their Twitter profiles documenting their night, but neither mentioned a foot injury.
Fans wanted to know what happened to the popular boy band star when he appeared the next day at the airport on crutches. Zayn was keeping mum about how the injury occurred, reassuring fans on Twitter that he was okay: "Hey guys, just to let you know I'm all good, no need to worry... Just wanna take a moment to thank you guys for being so amazing. I've said it so many times but I'll say it again, you really are the best fans in the world... thank you so much for being incredible. Love you all."
Fortunately for fans, Bieber has no problem telling the story. Justin wasn't even at home when the incident happened, and says that Malik and friend Alfredo Flores were horsing around before Bieber got home. Malik apparently rolled his ankle on the half-pipe. A little more practice perhaps is needed?
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