Monday, May 28, 2012

How To Pick Out Baby's First Shoes

Seems like yesterday that you were getting your first ultrasound and dreaming about taking your new baby home. Now your little one is crawling all over the place and getting ready to take their first steps. How did it happen so quickly? You've seen all of the cute options for first shoes, but how do you know what's good and what's not? Here are some tips in picking out baby's first shoes:
1. Don't Rush! Most new walkers don't need shoes right away when they first start to walk, unless it is outside. Barefoot is actually the best way for children to learn to walk. Children do not need shoes until they are actually walking.
2. Know Where To Go. And that does not mean Walmart or Kmart unfortunately. It is also not the time to hone your skill of shopping online. Your baby's first pair of shoes should be fitted by a professional, along which each pair thereafter. When shoes do not properly fit, it affects your child's gait and foot development. Go to a shoe store that will have a fitter on hand.
3. Get A Shoe With Sole. For walking shoes, babies need shoes with soles that are stiff because flexible ones don't offer any support. Do the bend test- if the shoe bends in half or twists, then try another pair. Don't worry about finding shoes with arch support as arches do not develop on children until they are three years old.
4. If The Shoe Fits, Wear It! The salesperson should do a thorough check for the proper fit, all around the baby's foot. There should be room for the foot to move in the shoe, along with a quarter to half inch space between the front of the shoe and the big toe.
5. Check and Re-check Those Little Piggies. Check your child's feet often after purchasing the shoes, especially after a growth spurt. Children are not typically good at expressing pain or what hurts where, so check your child's feet for redness and blisters. Imagine if you had a blister on your feet and couldn't tell anyone and had to wear those shoes every day?
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