Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Bee Stung My Foot!

When it is summertime, all we want to do is go barefoot, on grass, on sandy beaches, and in theme parks. However, our bare feet often attract unwelcome bees, who can sting us!
If you are stung by a bee on your foot or ankle, do not try to pinch the stinger out with your fingers. Try squeezing the stinger sac instead and push more venom in. 
If you are at home, grab some tape, lay it across the stinger, and pull up the tape, letting the adhesive of the tape remove the stinger. You can also try using a credit card or fingernail to scrape the stinger off. 
If you are unable to get to the stinger using these methods, use your fingernail to press into your skin about a half inch away. When none of these techniques call a foot or ankle specialist, or proceed to an emergency room immediately if you are having an allergic reaction. 
Once the bee stinger has been removed from your foot or ankle, wash your foot with cold water and soap. If you are experiencing pain apply a cold pack for 5 to 15 minutes, until the affected area feels numb. Repeat with cold packs until you no longer feel discomfort. 
Common signs of an allergic reaction to a bee sting are hives, abnormal swelling around the sting area, and difficulty breathing. If you already know you are allergic to bee stings, head to the emergency room, as some people can die. Your bee sting kit, which includes your medication, will help save your life. 
To avoid attracting bees:
  • Avoid wearing hair spray, scented lotions and sprays, and oils. You smell like a flower to a bee when you wear these things, so avoid them if you know you will be outside.
  • Like humans, bees see in ultraviolet, and when you wear brightly colored clothing, you look like a flower to them. 
  • Be careful with food that you eat outside. Bees love anything that smells sweet, so cover up any food not being eaten.
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  1. I remember being stung by a wasp in me eye. Not fun! My eye got swollen pretty badly. It was my birthday and we had decided to have an out door party. Next year on my birthday we decided on an outdoor party. A bee stung my foot. It was awful! I had to go get it checked. Lesson: No more out door parties for me!

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