Sunday, March 9, 2014

Kit Harington Vows Says He'll Take Fewer Risks

Game of Thrones and Pompeii start Kit Harington says he'll take fewer risks after a drunken incident caused him to break his ankle last year. 
Harington spent months in a cast after breaking his ankle trying to get into his own home after a night partying in London. 
The injury meant an inconvenience for Game of Thrones producers, who had to juggle his schedule. A body double was required to play his character, Jon Snow, in several scenes. 
"As it happened I was pissed and I was trying to climb through a window and that's all over and done with now. I have to be more careful now," Harington told Confidential, while in Sydney to promote his new film Pompeii.
"I think you get one strike and you are out with certain injuries. I'm much more careful."
Being famous has also affected other areas of Harington's life. 
"I used to play a lot of rugby when I was younger and I stopped all that because of acting and not wanting to get injured."
While this incident happened more than a year ago, Harington has continued to keep his vow and be more careful.  Wise words, children. Wise words. 
Reference: Daily Telegraph
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