Saturday, April 14, 2012

10 Shoe Trends For Spring/Summer 2012

According to fashion experts, here is a top ten list of shoe trends to look for this spring and summer season:
1. Metallic Toes: Very durable; look for these shoes to be glamorous and trendy.
2. Pointed Toes: Look for the rounded toe sandals of the past few seasons to be replaced by pointed toe sandals.
3. Pastels: Inspired by Kate Middleton, look for nude shoes to dominate the market, along with pale green, yellow, and aqua.
4. Mega Platforms: Think Lady Gaga. Don't plan on wearing them for a long time or when you're going to be on your feet. 
5.Transparent Shoes: These debuted last year with mixed results, but this year designers have made them with vinyl. 
6. Shoes With Laces: Look good and are flattering on everyone.                   
7. Shining Shoes: Seen mostly on the runway but now made practical. Designers manufacturing them so they can be part of your everyday wardrobe. 
8. Braided Sandals: If you had purchased braided sandals several years ago and put them in the closet haul them out. They will be among the hottest trends this summer. Look for them in bright colors. Perfect for keeping your feet cool in the summer. 
9. Espadrilles and Wedges: A hot item from Dolce and Gabanna last year. A shoe style that was extremely popular in the 1960's and 1970's, making a comeback. 
10. Brightly Colored Shoes: Always great for the spring and summer. 
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