Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Avoid Holiday Foot Mishaps

Lots of holiday shopping usually means lots of walking, sometimes running and it can all add up to painful feet!  A survey by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) shows the number one way women
soothe their soles during the holiday madness is by moisturizing their feet. Stretching and massaging the feet are also on the list of favorite foot fixes. APMA offers a few more ways to keep your feet merry this holiday season: 
* Point Your Toes – Avoid toe cramping by raising, pointing, and curling your toes for five seconds each and repeat 10 times.  You won’t even break a sweat!
* Massage Your Feet – Women like it because it works!  Release tension, increase circulation, and rejuvenate the skin after a long day on your feet.  Get out the lotion and rub those toes!
* Elevate Your Legs – Reduce swelling by lying down and lifting legs above your heart. 
* Rotate Your Ankles – Relax your feet by rotating your ankles, cupping your heel, and turning each ankle slowly five times.  This loosens the ankle joints.
* Wear Smart Shoes – No high heels! If you know you will be on your feet all day, wear comfortable shoes with arch support and a padded sole. 
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