Thursday, November 3, 2011

Diabetes Awareness Month

Diabetics have many health concerns. Among them is the need to pay greater attention to their feet. Because feet are a distance from the heart. poor blood circulation and nerve impairment often caused diabetic feet to be at risk. A regular program of hygiene, common sense, and periodic foot examinations by a podiatric physician can help keep diabetics on their feet and walking. Feet with poor circulation have a harder time fighting infection and healing injuries. Complications from even minor bruises can result in serious ulcerations or even amputations. Numbness, tingling, cold feet, or a bluish discoloration are symptoms of circulatory problems. When nerves are impaired, injuries can occur without one's knowledge, such as a burn from bath water that is too hot. A program of daily foot hygiene and regular inspection are essential to good foot health. Avoidance of activities which restrict circulation such as crossing one's legs, wearing tight stockings or garters or exposing one's feet to cold temperatures is important. Smoking tobacco must be avoided at all costs. Remember to take care of your feet as one pair must last a lifetime.
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